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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year...New agenda


Wow a New Year is around the corner!! "Mornin Glories" is looking forward to re-opening her doors.
There will be some changes..she no longer is a store...she has been renovated to a full blown community center.
Her new schedule:
Mondays there will be front porch sitting...chatting and announcements going on.
Tuesdays there will be arts and crafts..and swaps listed from other bloggers. There will be some different hostess showcasing a craft that we can all learn from.
Thursdays will be Memory Lane Walks..the topics will be published on my sidebar each month..this will be thru Linky.

I am looking forward to the new year. I still need you to sign up for the Birthday Club! Just leave me a private email your month and day..no years here!  lol

Hugs and be safe this weekend..see you Monday...Cindy

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Closed for the Holidays

Merry Christmas Friends

The store will be closed for the rest of the month.
I am sorry..I am spinning in my tracks
and I need to re-group totally.
Please hang in there with me...
January will be a new month..a new start

I hope you and yours have a great Holiday this month.
In this household we believe
"Jesus is the Reason for the Season"

and we throw in a little
Santa..snowmen..candy canes
and a few gingerbread men!

May God Take care of you traveling..
May you make some great memories...
Enjoy the sweets of Christmas...

Hugs and Squeezes...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Club December

A Big Birthday Gal Shoutout 

to Ali

Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday

her birthday was yesterday the 1st
of December

she is our only registered December gal.

She celebrated yesterday selling Christmas Trees.
Now how many people can say they did that
on their birthdays.
what a great life she leads!!

The Front Porch visits and the General Store and the Dixie Rose
will be closed till some time in January
Memory Lane will be opened for the month of December

I would like to thank those who have visited...
I just need to re-think this.
I will be travelling alot the next few months
and I hate not giving 100%.

Birthday Club will still go on.

Hugs Cindy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cookie and Candy Recipe Exchange

Christmas Cookie and Candy Recipe Exchange

It is that time of the year for sharing recipes with
your family and friends. For making
up Christmas baskets..and giving them
to co-workers
to family 
to neighbors.

Let's share some recipes!

Just click on Linky..or leave a recipe
in the comments
with or without pictures!!

Time to fill the Christmas plate.

Whoops I have flour on my hands..and sugar on my lips..tee hee
I do love dough!!