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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Community Center Opens

Community Center Opens

Come on in!

Leslie over at
Brookhollow Lane
has created the cutest Valentine Pillows
she even gives the directions how to.
She is so creative!
Stop by and Visit her!

Joyce over at
is having a birthday
giveaway..a Celebrate Banner
it is soooo cute!
Go over and give her a visit.

Speaking of Birthdays
we have 3 coming up in Feb.
but none for March, April
or May
Is yours one of those?
Drop me a line and let me
know your month and day
no years here..lol

Not much going on here at the center.
The cold weather has everyone staying in
and keeping warm.

Our Neighbor at the Center is coming over to
dig a garden up for the Spring.
We will be having garden
show and tell starting this Spring thru the
Summer months.
Are you digging a garden?

Hope you have a great day.
Center caretaker...Cindy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Memory Lane ..Returning to School after Christmas

Memory Lane

Where we as friends gather after a
friendship luncheon...
just sitting around the table...a topic comes up
and someone says
Remember when?
And we start the walk....
down "Memory Lane."

Today's Topic
Returning to school after Christmas break.

Come on ...
let's go walking down the lane!
 Join up with Linky
 leave your story or just a thought on

Your hostess...Cindy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Community Center..Come on In

come on in

Todays agenda
Lets get Warm!!!

Brrrrr Baby it's cold here in the South!
The colors outside are blahhhhh.
I would love to see some....
some warm colors....
where could I find some this time of the year?

Think Summer.....
no not the season summer!
I love these two girls
their house in the neighborhood is always
filled with such cute things...and you
can buy them!!!!
And the new color for the year is
mmmm.....what a warm color
The Girls have already
picked out soooo many items with these
warm colors in them.

Stop in and visit with the Girls
they are a great team and love to visit!!

Now I am thinking...
Cozy Warm
yes that would help these ole bones
during this cold spell.

Wouldn't it be fun to receive this for a gift.
A basket full of goodies
cocoa...warm house shoes
and lots of yummies.

Drum roll please.......
let me introduce you to
she has been creating these baskets
in so many different ways.
Brenda is the hostess during the month of December
12 Days of Creative Christmas
every year.
She has wonderful creations around themes...love them!
Her love for Christ shows in
everything she post.

Now my tummy needs some warmth!
over at Gail's
Faithfulness Farms
is cooking up some yummy vittles
in her cast iron skillets.
I love to cook in mine
they remind me of my Mema and Mom.
Gail is a Christian mom..a great cook...and lives on
a farm in an old farmhouse.She
offers all kinds of recipes.

Well I hope I have added some warmth to your day.
I know these neighbors would love for you to
stop by and visit!!

Stay warm friends!
Snuggled under my quilt...

Birthday Club- January


Here is a big Happy Birthday to


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Regina
Happy Birthday to you!!

Regina is celebrating her birthday on January 4th
She is a teacher in the Southeast.
I love her blog.
She makes the most adorable Vintage Image Buttons.
You must stop by and visit her.
She is also cleaning out her vintage
material and sewing stuff.
Lots to purchase over there!!

Happy Birthday Regina!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Front Porch Chats Jan 2011

"Mornin Glories"

Front Porch Chats
Jan. 2011

Grab your rocker and
come sit a spell.
Time for that morning
girl talk.

I hope you all saw the new agenda posted on the front door.
Running the community center and writing over at my place...
Rick-Rack and Gingham
well I had to get more organized!

Memory Lane Walks
schedule for the month is on the sidebar.
Our topic this month
That time in life where you went back to school after Christmas break
and of course snow memories.

There is some buzzing going on
over at Sweet Bee Cottage
she is having an early 300th person giveaway.
Now I am sure you won't like the gift...so maybe you shouldn't enter...lol
Just kidding..you will love it!

The Dolly Dingle Valentine Exchange have begun
Elizabeth over at Bluebird Papercrafts
is the main hostess..hers is closed but
on her sidebar there is a list of others ladies
just click on their names and you can join them.
I highly recommend all of them!!!!!

Vicki of Cherry Chick
host every Monday ...
M.E. Monday
this is where you show off your M.E. items
it's alot of fun!! Also while your there check out Vicki's
jewelry she makes....awesome!!
Maybe some Tuesday in the future
she can show us rookies some simple jewelry
making ideas.

Well that's all I know right now
I have enjoyed our time.
Birthday Gals Celebration tomorrow.
I need some more girlfriends birth dates
just email me your name...month and date..no years here!

Apron of the week
Blue and white gingham with little snowmen on the hemline
See ya tomorrow