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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dixie Rose Diner Opens

Have a seat.
Today's Menu

Thanksgiving Food and Table Decorations

Please leave your recipes and your
decorations on Linky.
Comments can also hold recipes.

I will be your waitress...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Front Porch Chat

"Mornin Glories"

Grab you a rocker and come sit a spell
and lets chat.

This week is  "The week"....the week for food preparation out the kazoo!!

Sweet potatoes are selling here for 15 cents a pound.
Let me tell you I am stocking up on them.
Just wrap them in newspaper and place them in a dark area.
They will last a long time.
We love them baked...
sliced thinly..and fried with some sugar sprinkled on them.
And of course sweet potato casserole.
I recently saw on PBS a chef making pumpkin pie
with a cup of cooked sweet potatoes in it. He
said it was his best seller.

Here is what our menu looks like:
Roast Turkey
Cornbread dressing
Cheesy Grits
Fresh Green Beans with Southern touches
Sweet Potato Casseroles
Potato Casserole
Homemade yeast rolls
Fruit salad
Deviled Eggs

Apple Pie
Pecan pie
Pumpkin Spice Delight

What does your menu look like?
Do you bake, fry or smoke your turkey?
I will post recipes on Wednesday..when the
Dixie Rose Diner opens up.

December 1st the Dixie Rose Diner will start hosting for
2 weeks in a row
Cookie Recipe Exchange

this Thursday and Friday..the General Store will be closed

Saturdays and Sundays are a time for Memories
take the time on your own blogs to talk about your memories
and then you can post them.
this Saturday the topic will be
Christmas Tree Hunting
Linky will be open all day.

I want us to have a community
Please lets all join in..I realize you can't do them all.
Just come when you can. I have prayed
about this..and will leave it up for two months.
Then we will re-evaluate it.
I will post the schedule at the top.
On the sidebar the topics and recipes for the month will be posted

Thanks for sitting in the rockers
it is getting chilly..time to go in.

Hugs and have a great week..Cindy

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Memory Lane..Thanksgiving

Wow I just came back home from the store..it was crazy. As a child I never..ever..remember anything about shopping for the holiday cooking. Do You?

I just remember..even up to the age of 15..getting all dressed up..and heading to my Grandma Gober's home for the meal. She hosted all the holidays for my dad's side of the family.We would get there..the tables were set. The small kitchen was steaming with scents of yummy foods..and she always was dressed with her apron on. A hug and a kiss on the cheek..then we were shooed out of the kitchen..off to play with the cousins.Reminders..don't get dirty ringing in our heads.

 Grandma's Table set for Thanksgiving

I can recall the sounds of the carving knife..stove timers...laughing from my mom and my aunt..the guys in the living room..discussing football and politics..at the time of my Grandpa still being there the discussions were around John F Kennedy and his election. Cigarettes and ashtrays were always around the men.

As a child the food I remember eating were the cheap dinner rolls.They were the kids favorites!! Yes we had to eat turkey..I did love her fried okra..and the green beans.Yep.. that's all I remember..So sad..all that work..and we hardly remember any of it.

Cousins...I am at the top on the right

What we remember are the kind words..the hugs..the festive colors of decorating..and making us feel apart of the grownup world. Remember this holiday season..to stop and make a quick memory with a little one.I challenge you to look thru the eyes of the holiday celebration thru the eyes of the children.In other words have FUN!!

Put the thankful back in Thanksgiving..thankful for little faces..thankful for past memories..thankful for food and for the strength to fix it..and to enjoy family.I am thankful and I Praise God for being an American..where I can be thankful out loud..where I can celebrate Him everyday..where I can say His name out loud.I am thankful for the military..protecting our freedoms..giving up their time and their holidays for us.I am thankful for each and everyone of you in the neighborhood of blogville. May God Bless you this holiday season..with safety and with many blessings.

Gobble..Gobble..now where did that turkey go? Hugs Cindy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Screen Door Opens

Screen Door Opens

Christmas is just around the corner.
It is time to start showcasing your crafts.
Dig out those vintage items also.
The shelves are all ready for the sale.

Vickie is showcasing her jewelry in
the wicker display this week.
What are you selling?
Remember you are responsible
for all your sales.

Need help? Look for me..
I am the lady minding the store with the
Turkey print apron on.

My name is Cindy

Dixie Rose Diner

Dixie Rose Diner

This eatery was established in the late 20's. When a woman who was known around town as Grammy was fixing meals for the rail car workers. It was in a quaint little Southern town...where the wild roses grew in abundance. Grammy would bring the roses in by the handfuls and place them in quart jars around the room to give off their sweet scent. The men not knowing what her real name was..starting calling her "Dixie Rose"....the name stuck.
Years later the home she had lived in and had served food out of...all the way thru the 50's...was established as a Historical Landmark..."The Dixie Rose Diner".

Her Niece Cindy, has re-opened the diner up at her Rick-Rack and Gingham location and over at "Mornin Glories" General Store on Wednesday's. There will featured meals on those days.

The waitress's crisp white uniforms made of vintage dotted Swiss material...and trimmed with Grammy's favorite...pink gingham...sporting a lacy pocket trimmed with small pearls and a pearl brooch.The story behind the pearls...that no matter how broke she was...no matter how down in the dumps she was...she carried herself with dignity...and perfect ladylike manners. She always served the food with warmth and a smile. The brooch had been given to her by a gentleman passing thru town in the 30's who said she reminded him of his mother, who had passed before he could give her the brooch. He asked her is she would wear it...and she proudly said yes.

The diner will be having recipe exchanges...kitchen suggestions...sharing of your dishes at your homes...and just some plain good ole kitchen lovin.  This reviewer is looking forward to sampling some of the regional foods.

Story of The Dixie Rose...Author Cindy


Welcome Ladies...come on in and have a seat...your waitress will be with you in a minute.

Our Special Today...We are reviewing desserts made for Thanksgiving...and of course Dressing or Stuffing.
Feel free to post your recipes on the "bulletin board" (Linky) for all of us to read and share. And if have any tips...or advice...just print those on your post and let us read those also. Grammy always shared her info..."Sharing...that is what makes us stronger" she would say.

Service with a smile...Cindy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Front Porch Visit

Mondays will be when
we will visit and share
on the
Front Porch

Looking forward to sitting in the rockers
and chatting with my girl friends.

"Mornin Glories" will have scheduled weekly activities..I need to do this to keep my life sane..lol

Mondays....Front Porch Visits...sharing..chatting..and announcements and of course the Birthday Club.

Tuesdays...Community Center opens....crafts...quilting...swaps...Linky involved..January 4th

Wednesdays...Dixie Rose Diner...post on recipes...kitchen suggestions..show off those dishes..Linky involved..Menu will be posted for the month on the sidebar...opens tomorrow

Thursdays and Fridays...General Store opens..for selling or showcasing things around your home and crafts.
                                 Linky involved.

Saturday and Sundays...Memory Lane..after the first of the year..this will open for us to post our memories on topics...Linky involved

I have set this up to be like a real community..but it takes two to share..two to craft..two to chat..so please..spread the word..come on over and enjoy.This will be the schedule for at least 6 months..we will see how it goes...Cindy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Screen Door Opens..week 3

"Mornin Glories"

Time to open those screen doors up and let the shopping begin. Have fun!!

Now just a reminder from this little old store owner.Your responsible for your sales. I just let you use my store shelves for display.Please spread the word out in the community..the more the merrier.
Just go to the bottom of this announcement (post) and click on to the enter here..Easy Peasy!

Some little announcements..on the side bar ..you can join our Birthday Club..we do need you..as soon as we start filling up the months..we will have birthday surprises and drawings.

Over at my house (Rick-Rack and Gingham) we are having a Neighborhood Christmas Ornament Swap....please come over and join up.We would love to have you. The Post for the swap is in the sidebar.

Now grab your shopping carts..and load the store shelves with your goodies Have a great visit with each other and say hello to all.

I will be behind the counter today with a sunflower print apron on. Cindy

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Memories

"Mornin Glories"

Remember Saturdays...Weekends sure seemed longer back in the 50-70's. I guess that was because here in Texas..and I am sure in other states..most of our stores..malls and shops were closed on Sundays.Sooo all shopping needed to be done on Saturday..if it hadn't been done during the week.

My mom worked during the week..so once a month she cooked..huge amounts of casseroles and froze them so we could have them for supper during the week.I remember Saturdays as a house cleaning and yard cleaning time.Then when all the morning chores were accomplished..it was off to the store. Now back then..clothes were bought seasonally..there were no Wal-Marts! I remember occasional shopping trips to the Indoor Mall..the first in Texas.."Big Town"..it was always so neat to go in there. The stores I remember were Sears....Woolworths..Montgomery Wards and Luby's Cafeteria...And of course the place where ..down the road..Santa would be...!

Saturdays was also a time for the Birthday Parties!! We celebrated a lot of parties at the skating rink..loved to skate!! I didn't have to wear a dress..I could wear pants..whoo-hoo!! I was all tom-boy..yes I was!

Yes this is really me!

Saturday evenings was always a favorite of mine..we usually went to one of the grandparents homes to stay..while my parents had their game nights with friends.My parents would get all dressed up..snacks prepared..and off to play Gin..dominoes..ect. with their closest friends. We girls would get to stay up and watch Lawrence Welk with the one Grandma....or Grand ole Opry with the other set of grandparents. Music was Saturday night for me!!

Saturday night was also..hair fixin time..Do you remember those pink sponge rollers..I really never got that privilege very often..you see my hair..horse thick hair..and wavy hair..did not need rollers.It was my sisters with the fine hair who got that privilege. When I was in my teens..I actually used Juice cans on my head..to straighten it..lol I do thank God that I never had to have those perms..Ooooh the smell..yuck!!And all ladies when out in public wore hair nets..lol Like you couldn't see they had their hair in rollers. We were Ne-vah allowed in public with rollers on.

I miss stores being closed on Sundays. I miss that weekends were for time around the home..a time to get ready for Sunday..for church and for relatives and always good eating!!

What do you miss? Do you have any pictures of yourself in rollers? At birthday parties? If so start collecting them..after Christmas..we will be having Show and Tell of our youth. I will name a topic for the week..and we will linky up and have some great times going down memory lane.So start collecting!!

Time to close up shop..thank you all for showcasing your items this week for sale. I hope you were able to get some sales.

The lady behind the counter..with her brown gingham apron on..Cindy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Screen Door Opens

"Mornin Glories"..it is time to shop!!

Hello friends..this week as gone by so fast..and this store owner is tired from all her personal activities this week. Yet ...I couldn't wait to open the store up!!

The doors to the store are open all day today and Friday till midnight. The shelves are ready for your items...pick a post..(new or old)..come thru the screen doors (Linky) and start looking..selling..or just chatting with your new neighbors.

Just a reminder..this store owner just offers shelf display...you are responsible for your own sales.

Now go spread the word....the doors are open. Have fun shopping!

If you need me...I am the lady behind the counter with the orange and brown print apron on....Cindy

P.S. Don't forget to join our Birthday Club..info on joining is on the bulletin board (right side bar).