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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Birthday Gals

Happy Birthday America!!!

And  here is a Birthday Bouquet
for our 3 July  Birthday Gals.

Faith over at
Crochet by the Sea
Celebrated her Birthday on July 4th.
What a lucky girl to always have fireworks
on her birthday!!!!
Faith can really crochet.
Visiting Faith she will take you to the lake
or out to her backyard garden.
Stop by to visit her.
She would love it...here is her address

Cheryl is celebrating her birthday today.
In blogland her address is
Cheris Chatter
She is from Georgia...and I know she will
be eating something scrumptious for her special day.
Stop by and visit Cheryl
she will show you some of her Southern Hospitality.

On July 23rd
Cindy from Up the Creek Crafts
will be celebrating her birthday.
Cindy has several blogs to read!!
She makes felt anythings..but mainly pincushions.
They are adorable!!!
I don't know if Cindy will be at
 her City home
or her back woods home...but either
way she will take you for a gorgeous walk
in her neck of the woods.The animals she photographs...

So these three summer born gals
I hope you all are having a great summer
and getting to eat lots of your favorite foods.

Hugs and lovins Cindy