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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Club- February

February Birthday Club

We have 3 special friends
with Birthdays this month
in the neighborhood.

Sandy,Vicki and Dolly

Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday
 Sweet Girlfriends
Happy Birthday to you!

Sandy's Birthday is February 4th
She lives at 521 Lake Street
Sandy loves and collects all things vintage.
She is decorating the cutest
vintage doll house.
Sandy and I have a love for horses.
She is a must stop by and visit friend!!!

Vicki's Birthday is February 25th
She lives at Cherry Chick
Vicki is a Jewelry Designer
(She has the cutest jewelry ever!!)
She has this party over at her house on Mondays
It is a M.E. Party
we are all invited every Monday!!
She loves anything cherries.
She would love for you to drop by anytime.

Dolly is new to my neighborhood
her birthday is February 27th
She also loves anything cherry
and vintage.Dolly is a sweetie and
would love for you to drop in also.

I hope these 3 friends have a blessed and
fun day on their birthdays.They
deserve it!!!
Drop by and say Hi to them.

Hmmmmm I wonder
what kind of cake
the three of them would like?
I know it HAS to have
Cherries on the top...lol

Hugs and Lovin


  1. Cindy, My favorite cake was a chocolate cake with the crunchy white 7 minute boiled frosting......every year! Tomorrow I go out and ger all of my free food and a movie and whatever!!!!! :):)

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes Cindy!
    So sweet of you.

    I am sure Vicki will agree every cake needs a cherry on top!!!!


  3. Oh My Cindy! How sweet are you? You just know that all three of us would like a Cherry on Top. We are ALL Cherry girls here in the month of Feb.
    I could not have been sandwiched in between two more fabulous ladies. Sandy is just the best and she loves Mary E.,too, so that makes her awesome in my book. And Dolly paints the most wonderful Cherries on so many cute things. She's very sweet, too.
    Thank you so much for making me feel so Special. This is offically the Birthday Month now.




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