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Monday, January 3, 2011

Front Porch Chats Jan 2011

"Mornin Glories"

Front Porch Chats
Jan. 2011

Grab your rocker and
come sit a spell.
Time for that morning
girl talk.

I hope you all saw the new agenda posted on the front door.
Running the community center and writing over at my place...
Rick-Rack and Gingham
well I had to get more organized!

Memory Lane Walks
schedule for the month is on the sidebar.
Our topic this month
That time in life where you went back to school after Christmas break
and of course snow memories.

There is some buzzing going on
over at Sweet Bee Cottage
she is having an early 300th person giveaway.
Now I am sure you won't like the gift...so maybe you shouldn't enter...lol
Just kidding..you will love it!

The Dolly Dingle Valentine Exchange have begun
Elizabeth over at Bluebird Papercrafts
is the main hostess..hers is closed but
on her sidebar there is a list of others ladies
just click on their names and you can join them.
I highly recommend all of them!!!!!

Vicki of Cherry Chick
host every Monday ...
M.E. Monday
this is where you show off your M.E. items
it's alot of fun!! Also while your there check out Vicki's
jewelry she makes....awesome!!
Maybe some Tuesday in the future
she can show us rookies some simple jewelry
making ideas.

Well that's all I know right now
I have enjoyed our time.
Birthday Gals Celebration tomorrow.
I need some more girlfriends birth dates
just email me your name...month and date..no years here!

Apron of the week
Blue and white gingham with little snowmen on the hemline
See ya tomorrow


  1. Happy New Year to all!
    I'm sure there are quite a few folks who are back at school today wishing they were still on vacation - teachers and students! As a retired school librarian, I know that feeling - exciting to see all your friends again to catch up with them, but also wishing you could still be snuggled in your cozy bed!By tomorrow everyone will be back in the groove.
    My birthday's October 23, Cindy!

  2. Mornin' Cindy! I am off to help a friend buy new living room furniture, he always thinks you need to spend a ton for good stuff.....he is going to be introduced to a whole new world today! :):) Have a great day!!!!! Love you! Sandy

  3. Hugs, Cindy...anything you want to know about jewelry designing that I know I will be happy to share!

  4. Hi Cindy

    Had a busy day today...we did a little grocery shopping to make chicken gumbo (my mom's recipe) for my son and his family...his request. Also did laundry while I was doing the cooking. And then this evening we went to Max's basketball game. Now a couple hours on the computer and then off to bed. Need to rest up for another day with the grandboys and Brandon's team has a game tomorrow night in Orofino so it will be a long day. But I am not complaining!


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