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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Club-October

Birthday Club for October

"Mornin Glories"

We have one registered birthday gal this month . Karen from Rv'ing-Small House...Big Backyard

Karen is a friend of mine from my RV blog. She is one talented Weaver. When they go camping she takes her looms and works outside.Her rugs are made of t-shirts!!I love them.They are sooo colorful.She is always talking about their camping life..their grandchildren..and living in the woods!
She is a must read Blogger!!

Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday dear Karen..Happy Birthday to you!!

I know her age..tee hee..but here at Mornin Glories....we are all 29...and even younger at heart!
Stop by and give her your personal birthday wishes. I know she would love them!

Time to ice her cake..hmmmm..chocolate or vanilla frosting Karen? Hugs girlfriend....Cindy


  1. Happy Birthday Karen.....thanks for inviting me to your party....

  2. Happy Birthday Karen! :):) Sandy

  3. Happy Birthday Karen...I am sure you are having a blast especially since you got to go camping for your birthday! Have a wonderfully blessed year!

  4. Happy Birthday, Karen! October's a great month for birthdays in my family too.


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