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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You

The General Store Sales Department is Closed

We will open the screen doors on Thursday November 4
and Friday November 5th.

Thank You for all who participated!!

Stop by tomorrow for the Birthday Club Meeting

Have a safe weekend.

Lady behind the counter with her orange gingham apron on...Cindy


  1. Well, I just pretty much missed the whole thing this week! Hopefully I'll be around next week for some shopping and looking!

  2. Oh!!!!! I had a post all ready to go....I will post it in the 3rd!!!!! Thank you for this Cindy, it might take a few weeks to take off, but you are going to be one bust store owner!!!!! Look for a box coming your way girlfriend! :):) Love ya! Sandy

    PS, I got a new order for my CD! :):) Oh by the way BD 2/4.......:):)

  3. Cindy..thank you..for all of your hard work. I think I have sold the Floral & Pearls watch and earrings that were in the store. Someone has asked me to reserve them until next Weds. which I have done. I'll have to ask if she saw them here or on Etsy.com.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. Gosh.......my travels got in the way......I usre missed the whole thing here...........GEEZEE going to have to figure out a way to realized what is happening here.


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