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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nervous Nellie

"Mornin Glories"!!

I tell you what..this gal is getting so excited over the opening this coming Thursday. I have become a nervous Nellie. I know this little ole store is a virtual store..but in real life I would love to open one up just like it.

.A store with big wide porches..to have little afternoon teas on....okay ...so here in Texas we have big glasses of Iced Sweet Tea..in quart jars...but I could compromise..and drink tea out of cute little cups..yes I could.

A store with scattered roses bushes around it....morning glories climbing the rails of the porch..honeysuckle and jasmine intertwining the rails also....oh yeah we have wasp and bees here in Texas..hmmmm..okay maybe out by a picket fence...better!!

A clothesline somewhere would I could hang a quilt or two. A chicken yard somewhere near by for the little ones to see REAl chickens...and a few goats in a fenced yard of course...they are so darn cute!!

Shade trees to welcome my customers..homemade picnic tables for those who would like to eat a meal..or just let the little ones play.

A big enough surrounding area to host Quilt shows..pumpkin patches...wedding and baby showers under the gazebo.

Wowza..I have been in dream land to long...this store is a virtual store..isn't it?

Looking forward to the day we open..and my shelves are stocked with your items to sale..your show and tell items will draw others in to learn..and we gather as friends to giggle and shop and to have fun.

Lady behind the counter with the gingham apron on....Cindy


  1. Let me know more please? Would this be good for my handwoven rugs, towels, totes and knit wool socks? I have them listed on the Etsy address below, if you care to see the stuff I make?

    (Handwoven E-Stores) http://kareninthewoods.etsy.com/

  2. Dear nice lady behind the counter with the gingham apron on..Looking forward to your grand opening. This store sound perfect..love the chickens and pumpkin patch.....see my blog, if you want that picture please use it for Morning Glory. It is a picture we took.

  3. Oh! I'll bring lavender and vanila scones for us to all munch on (calorie free, of course). I'm so looking forward to the Grand Opening gathering.
    ♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  4. Oh Cindy!!!! I can't wait to finally get to "see" you behind the counter! I do have some thing I can sell in your store if you would like......but I just want a place to come and hang out!!!!!!! I will email you with th specifica....OK? Sandy

  5. This is so exciting. What a wonderful idea. I wish you much success and many blessings.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. Best wishes Cindy...we'll be waiting (not so) patiently to see it up and running!


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