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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Screen Door Opens

Screen Door Opens

Christmas is just around the corner.
It is time to start showcasing your crafts.
Dig out those vintage items also.
The shelves are all ready for the sale.

Vickie is showcasing her jewelry in
the wicker display this week.
What are you selling?
Remember you are responsible
for all your sales.

Need help? Look for me..
I am the lady minding the store with the
Turkey print apron on.

My name is Cindy


  1. lol...oh Cindy you are so cute...yep...got that watch in the wicker display case for everyone to see.
    ♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  2. I runnin a little late, but I'll be here.


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