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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Memories

"Mornin Glories"

Remember Saturdays...Weekends sure seemed longer back in the 50-70's. I guess that was because here in Texas..and I am sure in other states..most of our stores..malls and shops were closed on Sundays.Sooo all shopping needed to be done on Saturday..if it hadn't been done during the week.

My mom worked during the week..so once a month she cooked..huge amounts of casseroles and froze them so we could have them for supper during the week.I remember Saturdays as a house cleaning and yard cleaning time.Then when all the morning chores were accomplished..it was off to the store. Now back then..clothes were bought seasonally..there were no Wal-Marts! I remember occasional shopping trips to the Indoor Mall..the first in Texas.."Big Town"..it was always so neat to go in there. The stores I remember were Sears....Woolworths..Montgomery Wards and Luby's Cafeteria...And of course the place where ..down the road..Santa would be...!

Saturdays was also a time for the Birthday Parties!! We celebrated a lot of parties at the skating rink..loved to skate!! I didn't have to wear a dress..I could wear pants..whoo-hoo!! I was all tom-boy..yes I was!

Yes this is really me!

Saturday evenings was always a favorite of mine..we usually went to one of the grandparents homes to stay..while my parents had their game nights with friends.My parents would get all dressed up..snacks prepared..and off to play Gin..dominoes..ect. with their closest friends. We girls would get to stay up and watch Lawrence Welk with the one Grandma....or Grand ole Opry with the other set of grandparents. Music was Saturday night for me!!

Saturday night was also..hair fixin time..Do you remember those pink sponge rollers..I really never got that privilege very often..you see my hair..horse thick hair..and wavy hair..did not need rollers.It was my sisters with the fine hair who got that privilege. When I was in my teens..I actually used Juice cans on my head..to straighten it..lol I do thank God that I never had to have those perms..Ooooh the smell..yuck!!And all ladies when out in public wore hair nets..lol Like you couldn't see they had their hair in rollers. We were Ne-vah allowed in public with rollers on.

I miss stores being closed on Sundays. I miss that weekends were for time around the home..a time to get ready for Sunday..for church and for relatives and always good eating!!

What do you miss? Do you have any pictures of yourself in rollers? At birthday parties? If so start collecting them..after Christmas..we will be having Show and Tell of our youth. I will name a topic for the week..and we will linky up and have some great times going down memory lane.So start collecting!!

Time to close up shop..thank you all for showcasing your items this week for sale. I hope you were able to get some sales.

The lady behind the counter..with her brown gingham apron on..Cindy


  1. what does happen to the comments...? I must have clicked out early..Change your apron to brown from red? Oh back in the day we did silly
    things...your hair is beautiful and how cute you are in the picture. Nice memories. Back in the day...I think things were better..have a good weekend...

  2. Thanks for the smiles...so remember the pink sponge rollers and waking up in the morning and half of them somewhere on the bed.

    Memories that make me smile are fun. Thanks for opening those doors.

  3. The pic of you looks a LOT like Wendy!.....and Adalynn, and Aleah..... :)


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