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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Memory Lane..Thanksgiving

Wow I just came back home from the store..it was crazy. As a child I never..ever..remember anything about shopping for the holiday cooking. Do You?

I just remember..even up to the age of 15..getting all dressed up..and heading to my Grandma Gober's home for the meal. She hosted all the holidays for my dad's side of the family.We would get there..the tables were set. The small kitchen was steaming with scents of yummy foods..and she always was dressed with her apron on. A hug and a kiss on the cheek..then we were shooed out of the kitchen..off to play with the cousins.Reminders..don't get dirty ringing in our heads.

 Grandma's Table set for Thanksgiving

I can recall the sounds of the carving knife..stove timers...laughing from my mom and my aunt..the guys in the living room..discussing football and politics..at the time of my Grandpa still being there the discussions were around John F Kennedy and his election. Cigarettes and ashtrays were always around the men.

As a child the food I remember eating were the cheap dinner rolls.They were the kids favorites!! Yes we had to eat turkey..I did love her fried okra..and the green beans.Yep.. that's all I remember..So sad..all that work..and we hardly remember any of it.

Cousins...I am at the top on the right

What we remember are the kind words..the hugs..the festive colors of decorating..and making us feel apart of the grownup world. Remember this holiday season..to stop and make a quick memory with a little one.I challenge you to look thru the eyes of the holiday celebration thru the eyes of the children.In other words have FUN!!

Put the thankful back in Thanksgiving..thankful for little faces..thankful for past memories..thankful for food and for the strength to fix it..and to enjoy family.I am thankful and I Praise God for being an American..where I can be thankful out loud..where I can celebrate Him everyday..where I can say His name out loud.I am thankful for the military..protecting our freedoms..giving up their time and their holidays for us.I am thankful for each and everyone of you in the neighborhood of blogville. May God Bless you this holiday season..with safety and with many blessings.

Gobble..Gobble..now where did that turkey go? Hugs Cindy


  1. Love your thankful list. That picture of the little ones at your Thanksgiving past is adorable. Which one are you....very top or over to the side. So cute.
    I just got back from the store for a few little things.... it was crazy. I thought people would be watching football and it wouldn't be that busy yet.
    Off to clean and get tomorrow's dinner ready. (((((HUGS))))

  2. It's funny how reading about your memories brings back so many similar ones of my own. All the kids at their own table, Grandpa with his stinky cigar, and back then you couldn't pay me to eat stuffing! OH and the big nesco in your picture! Everyone had one or they borrowed one from the church or some other place. Ha ha, how times have changed.


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