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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dixie Rose Diner

Dixie Rose Diner

This eatery was established in the late 20's. When a woman who was known around town as Grammy was fixing meals for the rail car workers. It was in a quaint little Southern town...where the wild roses grew in abundance. Grammy would bring the roses in by the handfuls and place them in quart jars around the room to give off their sweet scent. The men not knowing what her real name was..starting calling her "Dixie Rose"....the name stuck.
Years later the home she had lived in and had served food out of...all the way thru the 50's...was established as a Historical Landmark..."The Dixie Rose Diner".

Her Niece Cindy, has re-opened the diner up at her Rick-Rack and Gingham location and over at "Mornin Glories" General Store on Wednesday's. There will featured meals on those days.

The waitress's crisp white uniforms made of vintage dotted Swiss material...and trimmed with Grammy's favorite...pink gingham...sporting a lacy pocket trimmed with small pearls and a pearl brooch.The story behind the pearls...that no matter how broke she was...no matter how down in the dumps she was...she carried herself with dignity...and perfect ladylike manners. She always served the food with warmth and a smile. The brooch had been given to her by a gentleman passing thru town in the 30's who said she reminded him of his mother, who had passed before he could give her the brooch. He asked her is she would wear it...and she proudly said yes.

The diner will be having recipe exchanges...kitchen suggestions...sharing of your dishes at your homes...and just some plain good ole kitchen lovin.  This reviewer is looking forward to sampling some of the regional foods.

Story of The Dixie Rose...Author Cindy


Welcome Ladies...come on in and have a seat...your waitress will be with you in a minute.

Our Special Today...We are reviewing desserts made for Thanksgiving...and of course Dressing or Stuffing.
Feel free to post your recipes on the "bulletin board" (Linky) for all of us to read and share. And if have any tips...or advice...just print those on your post and let us read those also. Grammy always shared her info..."Sharing...that is what makes us stronger" she would say.

Service with a smile...Cindy

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